Velux wlc100 manual – Isolation sous toiture garage

Velux wlc100 manual

Læs hele vejledningen grundigt igennem før montering. Vejled- ningen bør opbevares til senere brug. MAN ( manual ), the motor will run only as long as the button is pressed (recommended for electrically operated Venetian blind). The examples at the bottom of page show which switch belongs to which motor.

If display shows LOW BAT, . If the remote control has been mislai the window can be closed by pressing a pointed object into the hole next to the stop button. Note: After the closing device has been activate it takes about seconds before the window operator starts closing the window. Remote control functions.

Locating and operating a product. Closing the skylight automatically. WLC1Wireless LAN Controller Hardware Overview. WLI) or sensor interface WLF. Special technical features.

WLF 1as controlling unit for external signals. WLI 1sul battente della finestra VELUX : vedere istruzioni di montaggio del WLI 100. Udskiftning af sikring: Batteriet afmonteres og sikringen udskiftes. Batteriet skal udskiftes (minimum hvert tredje år), se side 6. WLC 1checkes, se illustrationen).

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Choose Subcategory: – Select One . WindowMaster-Infrarot-Fernbedienung-f- WLI110-und-WLI130-WLR-100.